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  1. My adult son has been suffering with RSD, Type-1 for almost eleven years now. He no longer has energy or can plan ahead for events. Just getting to the doctor appointments on time is a challenge for him. People with chronic pain are often “forgotten” about, they live isolated lives and have had to given up so much because of the symptoms of RSD and the unrelenting pain that is always there…

  2. I’m 56, and that sounds exactly like me. Only I have had it less than a year!


  3. I have RSD/CRPS 16-1/2 years in which time I have suffered the disease spreading from the { R } foot to the { L } now in both feet and legs. Plus has spread through the whole body. The first sign’s are extreme pain, color change in skin, tissue turns red then a deep color of Black like the Crayon. Mine started due to a operation for a bunion. The pain would become so intense at end of each day I began throwing up, unable to stop because pain is so severe, I ended up at ER. there I would be treated, blood pressure high from amount of pain. They would check me give a shot with mix of pain killer’s with something for nausea in it. I was unable to walk, had to be in a wheel chair. After many injection’s in the back into nerve which goes to foot iand a mix of medication’s to take by mouth, i became able to walk with a cane, eventually with out one. Through the years I have had many other issues as this disease spread. I now stay in 99% of the time, only get out to see my Dr. no longer can I do anything within the home. I ‘m unable to clean the home, stand only a few moments. I have someone who does all of these things for me. Even with medication I”m struggling to function, my feet are swollen as I type this. Cold weather makes the disorder worse. The pain is unbearable. Many nights i can only sleep a few hours, my feet feel like they are on fire. This is a partially cover’s some of the symptoms of RSD/CRPS, awaking during the night with hair soaked like I had just taken a shower in full clothing hair dripping and bed wet where I lay. Also as I have the feet on fire, the bones feel in my back as if they have been dipped inside a freezer and frozen. No amount of heat helps warm them. RSD/CRPS is a night mare. It is a difficult illness for those who have a severe case such as I. Not only for myself but also for the Dr’s who treat me. This night mare never lets up.
    Thank You, Brenda Badders-Myers

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