Worldwide Information and News Regarding Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome / Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

Please share with your friends, family and anyone who is affilicted with this condition.

Check back often as we post new information as it becomes available.

You can view older news articles by clicking on the “Archives” links just below this message.

Send information for posting to:  rsds.crps.news@gmail.com


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  1. I have RSD/CRPS developed after surgery on my { R } foot, spread through out my whole body over time. It shall be 17 yrs. in June 2015, when I first developed this condition. I spent the 1st yr. in a wheel chair, then was able to walk with aid of a Cane, eventually walked on my own. Now I’m not mobile albeit doing my best to stay as mobile as possible. I have had kidney issue’s, Vertigo, Shingles, Breathing, Thyroid, and I also tried the SCS implant which did not work for me. Plus a number of other problems which stem all from this condition. If anyone has a question feel free to ask. I’m considering the implant of the Morphine pump, the Dr’s have suggested for quite some time I have it. I now have came to the cross road where something more needs to be done. If anyone reads this and has knowledge concerning the Pump please contact me–leave a reply how long you have had on implanted and what your experience has been. Thank You, gentle hugs, Brenda

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