Community invited to fundraiser for HCFR paramedic with painful condition

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Community invited to fundraiser for HCFR paramedic with painful condition

Posted: Sep 23, 2013 4:31 PM EDTUpdated: Sep 24, 2013 7:59 AM EDT

By WMBF News Staff

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – Local firefighters and paramedics are banding together to raise money for one of their own, a firefighter who is afflicted with a painful and debilitating condition.

Joe Coons has spent the last 12 years saving lives and helping others as a paramedic with Horry County Fire Rescue, according to Andy Brown with the Myrtle Beach Fire Department. Coons has been diagnosed with Parsonage Turner Syndrome and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, debilitating conditions that have left him unable to work and with mind-numbing pain.

He spent two weeks in the hospital in July, and now he’s stuck at home while doctors say his prognosis is on the hinge, Brown says. His condition could get better, or the pain could spread.

Coons is a father of five and “is probably the best paramedic I’ve ever worked with,” Brown says.

On Tuesday night, his friends and colleagues from Horry County Fire Rescue and Myrtle Beach Fire Department are holding a fundraiser event to help the Coons family with their growing pile of medical bills.

The community is invited to a fundraiser dinner at Ron Jons Beer and Burgers Restaurant in Myrtle Beach from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. It’s $7 for adults, and $5 for kids. There will also be to-go boxes available and a silent auction.

Those who cannot attend can still donate to the Coons family

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One response to “Community invited to fundraiser for HCFR paramedic with painful condition

  1. Here is another RSD/CRPS success story from Calmar Pain Relief located in RI.

    Dr. D’Amato,
    First and foremost, Thank you for accepting my Mom (Marilyn Moore) as your patient and changing her life in ways we never thought to be possible.
    Words can never express the gratitude that my family and I have for the loving care that you and your staff gave to my Mom and Dad while visiting your facility.
    The morning of her first treatment, Jan. 20th, will forever be the best day of my life..
    It is the first day that my Mom has been pain free in 14 years..
    When I recieved her phone call that day while she was recieving the scrambler therapy treatment, she couldn’t even speak because she was so overcome by emotions because she never thought it was truely possible for her to be pain free.
    I remember the first time I found your website two years ago. I called my Mom and told her, “Mom, I found something!
    I think I finally found something that will help!” She began crying because she was both scared and hopeful. After all that she has been through over the years, I can’t say that I wouldn’t be hesitant also.
    It has taken me two years to finally convince her to go, but I just knew for whatever reason, she was supposed to go there and God had laid that on my heart that I was supposed to maget her there no matter what.
    I kept telling Mom, “This is going to work, I promise! God has laid out the path so perfectly to allow this to happen.”
    I made her watch the testimonials probably one hundred times, trying to make her take that leap of faith.
    The day I recieved your email, stating that you would consider taking my Mom as a patient just made my heart sprout wings and soar.
    I honestly will never be able to thank you enough for giving my Mom her life back..
    God has given you such an amazing gift, and I will forever sing your praises to anyone who will listen.
    I would one day love to fly up there and give each of you a huge hug and thank you for all that ya’ll did for my Family.
    You are all little Angels.
    I pray that God richly blesses each of you, just as you have blessed us.
    Today I meet my parents at the Houston airport at 6pm our time, 7pm yours, and will for the first time see my Mom walk without pain..
    Thank you for making this possible, for answering years of prayers, and for believing in her.
    God bless you, and your beautiful staff.
    Your biggest fan from Texas,
    Danielle *:) happy

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