People: Kim Ki Bum’s Cousin, Actor Shin Dong Wook, Suffering From Serious Disease, CRPS

Kim Ki Bum’s Cousin, Actor Shin Dong Wook, Suffering From Serious Disease, CRPS

CJ E&M enewsWorldBy Stewart Ho | CJ E&M enewsWorld – Fri, Jan 11, 2013 2:37 PM PHT

Actor Shin Dong Wook has been diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS).

The news was recently brought to attention again by a fan in a letter online. As the fan revealed, the actor initially joined the military for his mandatory duties as an active soldier in the summer of 2010. But after finding himself repeatedly fainting, he underwent tests and was diagnosed at a hospital with CRPS and given an early release from his service.

CRPS is an extremely rare yet severe disease, though little is still known about the supposed neurological disease.

Symptoms often include extreme pain, swelling and changes in the skin and gradually worsen over time.

Even the slightest touch to a CRPS-afflicted individual brings excruciating pain. In comparison, childbirth is given a pain rating of 7, one’s skin burning a rating of 9 and the pain that a CPRS-afflicted individual feels a 10 on the same scale.

With treatment for the disease often proving unsatisfactory for CPRS patients, there are many cases of CPRS-afflicted individuals committing suicide, after being unable to bear the pain.

Netizens have since been flocking to send their encouragement to the actor who has remained mum on his own condition other than a short, “I’m ok, thank you” on his fan café recently.

Actor Lee Kyung also tweeted a message of encouragement to Shin Dong Wook on January 10, writing, “Dong Wook, who I filmed Stars Falling From the Sky with back in early 2010, has CRPS. Do you know that the cause of this rare disease is still unknown?”

He added, “Even in Korea there are 20,000 patients afflicted with the disease. How painful it must be. After reading the news and researching on it, my heart hurts. I’m cheering you on. Please beat this.”

Shin Dong Wook made his acting debut in 2003 and appeared in such dramas as Soul Mate, War of Money, Cloud Stairs and more. He is also coincidentally the cousin of Super Junior’s Kim Ki Bum.

Photo Credit: KBS

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