Weather: Is it the hot/cold changes or the Barometric Pressure that causes your pain?

We happened on this article (below) today and wanted to put this question to our readers.

Granted, many of you have a worse time of it when it’s cold out… but in regards to just the weather changing… do you think it’s a hot/cold issue that gets to you the most? or does it have more to do with Barometric Pressure changes?  Please let us know in the comments below….



Can my child’s pain change with the weather?

This is a question many parents ask and patients too. The professionals all seem to disagree on this one. But all I can share from parent to parent is, is that patients tell me their pain is worse when it is cold, and better in warmer climates. Also our daughter tells me and parents tell me their child’s pain is affected.

Let’s take a look:

We know in CRPS the mind is playing tricks and sending wrong messages to the limbs through the nervous system. We also now know muscles tense with anxiety in the flight or fight response. But what does the body do when it is hot or cold?

Your Brain, that hardware again triggers ‘warming tricks’ to protect itself when skin receptors send the signals:

  • A reduction in body temperature results in impaired body function, the nerves and muscles work slower. Boy do we get stiff when it’s cold.
  • When the temperature falls, the surface blood vessels get bigger rather than constrict. The body is trying not to lose heat from the extremities, but at the same time wants to supply the skin with blood for oxygen etc. The result a red nose, or glowing cheeks
  • Shivering is one such trick, where the muscles contract and expand in speedy bursts in a battle to keep your body temperature up
  • Warm weather is nice for our children, but extreme heat? Well the body produces sweat, it is the body’s natural way of keeping itself cool triggered by rapid circulation of the blood, if the heat is too extreme and the body can’t keep itself cool the skin starts to redden and becomes sensitive to touch. As if our children need more sensitivity to touch!

So, I’m not a scientist, but I can add two and two, and it makes sense to me that where our children suffer muscle stiffness the cold exasperates the problem. Also for the children with swollen limbs and swelling a change in circulation would increase pain.

Original article can be found here:





3 responses to “Weather: Is it the hot/cold changes or the Barometric Pressure that causes your pain?

  1. Hi, as I understand it the weather is not the direct cause of increase pain- as my daughter doesn’t notice the difference when inside which is pretty much most of the time – what she doesn’t tolerate is the temperature change against her knee- just as she can’t tolerate pants on her knee or sheets or towels or anything-
    an interesting theory though-
    the program at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital is awesome as they treat PT, OT and therapy- we don’t know why certain kids get this ..

    • There is speculation that it’s not the weather, directly… but the changes in barometric pressure that accompany changes in the weather… so even if one was indoors that would still be a potential factor.

  2. Kelly Hodgkins

    Barometric pressure affects me terribly

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