Calmare: Philly Dad and Ohio Mom end their children’s RSD pain with Calmare

Philly Dad and Ohio Mom end their children’s RSD pain with Calmare

Posted on March 22, 2012 | 1 Comment

March 26, 2012

During the past month, we’ve met some remarkable patients from around the U.S. who have come here to Rutherford for Calmare Therapy. The past few years for the Bailor and Schmidt families have been fraught with worry, frustration and medical bills. Their children contracted reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD) and their parents dedicated every available moment to finding a solution to end their children’s chronic pain.

Words cannot describe how gratifying and heartwarming it has been to see these children respond so positively to Calmare treatment. These wonderful kids went back home pain free (0 pain level)  and quickly stepped back into the lives they had left behind due to chronic RSD pain. Thank you to both families who so generously shared their personal stories with us.  They did so hoping that their stories would reach other parents in the same situation.

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5 responses to “Calmare: Philly Dad and Ohio Mom end their children’s RSD pain with Calmare

  1. I can’t afford to take my child to the States for Calmare therapy.
    Is there any clinic in ISRAEL that handles this kind of treatment?
    Any help so very much appreciated!
    Helen Kariv

  2. hkariv25 thank you for your message… we looked on the corporate homepage for Calmare Therapy and found this contant info listed as the distributor in Israel … perhaps they can get you information on a treatment center near you…

    Umberto Marangoni
    Managing Director
    International Business Development
    Competitive Technologies, Inc.
    Tel: +39-328-7284777

    Here is the main website:

    Please keep in touch and let us know what happens? Thanks…

  3. Thank you so much. I’ll definitely keep in touch.

  4. Thank you very much for posting the story about our two young patients who traveled to NJ for Calmare Therapy. I’m pleased to report that both children are doing very well and have had no recurrence of pain to date. Keep up the great work sharing information about all the resources to combat RSD and CRPS. This battle will be won.
    Dr. Michael Cooney
    Rutherford Allied Medical Group / Calmare Therapy NJ

  5. Dr. Cooney, Thanks for taking the time to send a note… much appreciated. and if you have anyone on staff that can send updates/stories/videos in the future we will be glad to post them for you and for all those in the RSD community that are looking for a solution. Please send to .. thanks for the great work you are doing!

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