Alternative Treatments: Hemp Oil

From the editor:  We came across this video last week and wanted to share it with the larger RSD community.  Please, if you’d like, comment below if you know anything about Hemp Oil and/or have tried it yourself.  If you’d like to remain private, please email me directly as we are attempting to collect information to see if this is a viable alternative treatment for those suffering from RSDS/CRPS.

Thank you.

Click HERE to watch the video on YouTube.

Click HERE to watch the video on YouTube.



2 responses to “Alternative Treatments: Hemp Oil

  1. I have severe pain from CRPS and use the cannabis oil as a balm. I get very good pain relief on my better days and moderate relief on the bad days. It is the only thing that has worked for me to give me some relief.

  2. Hi, I have suffered from RSD for 7 years now. I have been on all kinds of meds which I get a tolerance to very quickly. I would definitely like to hear from you about this alternative hemp oil therapy. I have it in my left elbow, fingers, shoulder & now spreading to my neck!
    I have all the injections, etc. Now there is nothing more to do but keep me on meds. I am 54 years old & my pain level never gets down to a 9 ir 8! I live in south Florida. Had to move from up north away from my daughter & 3 granddaughters!

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