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People: Handcrafted with Love

If you haven’t been to this site, it’s worth a look and there are a lot of interesting pieces to choose from.

From the site:

“Handcrafted with Love” started with a passion of mine–

Designing Awareness Jewelry.

This is what I do to unwind and relax my body, mind and soul

despite living with the chronic pains of CRPS/RSD and Fibromyalgia.

Do I have a favorite piece of jewelry you ask– well the answer is no,

as I create from the heart so they all have a special feeling and meaning to me.


My designs include CRPS/RSD and other Awareness jewelry, key chains, a lapel pin 

along with additional creations of non-awareness jewelry for added bling.

I design as I go but also enjoy working with you to create whatever piece you desire,

so please ask if you’d like to help design your piece of jewelry.

God has given me this talent and it is my job to carry it through.

God bless and thanks for your interest in my designs.”






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News: Woman finds pain relief with a treatment here in the Valley

Woman finds pain relief with a treatment here in the Valley

by Brandy Aguilar, Special Projects Producer

Posted on September 21, 2010 at 9:56 PM

Updated Tuesday, Sep 21 at 10:02 PM


When your body is in pain, feeling better is important. But for one Valley woman, it’s a struggle she’s battled for years. 3TV shows us the treatment that’s giving her a second chance and why she no longer has to trek across the country to find relief.

“If you touch me I would literally fall to the floor,” Barby Ingle said. “It takes your breath away.”

Ingle suffers from a neurological condition called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy or RSD. It affects everything from muscles, joints, bones even your skin.

“You’re going to have constant burning pain, but you also have other types of pain that come in shooting, stabbing, cutting, searing, deep bone pain,” Ingle said. “Sometimes I feel like I’m getting hit with electricity.”

Doctors said something as simple as a mild injury can trigger RSD. In Ingle’s case, she said her pain started eight years ago after she was rear-ended.

“I started with whiplash and all the surgeries I didn’t need caused it to spread,” Ingle said.

Ingle could no longer keep up with the demands of being a cheerleading coach. Unfortunately it took three years to find out RSD was the culprit.

“There was time that I lost my hope,” Ingle said.

Then last year, Ingle’s hope was restored after she got Ketamine infusions. Her pain went into remission, but to keep it that way, she’s had to get booster treatments on a regular basis. The problem is she had to fly to Drexel University hospital in Philadelphia, but today she no longer has to travel across the country to get rid of her pain.

Doctor Steven Siwek at The Pain Center of Arizona is the first in the Valley to offer these booster treatments for people suffering with RSD.

“Ketamine is a medication that is specifically acting on receptors that have been disrupted,” Dr. Siewek said. “We’re going to give her the ketamine infusions over the next couple of days.”

That process is time consuming. It takes four hours a day, over a two day period to administer one of the booster treatments. But for Ingle, it’s time well spent.

“I’m a still a cheerleader and I can give other people hope,” Ingle said. “I’m cheering for people in the human connection and making everybody’s life as good as it can be.”

September is National Pain Awareness Month. Ingle’s Power of Pain Foundation is teaming up with the Arizona Diamondbacks this Sunday to strike out chronic pain.

The Power of Pain Foundation will team up with the Arizona Diamondbacks to Strike Out Chronic Pain on Sunday, September 26 at Chase Field Ballpark (Diamondbacks vs. LA Dodgers) at 1:10 p.m. Discount tickets are available by calling (480) 882-1342 or by going toPower of Pain.


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