Books: RSD in Me! is now available on Amazon and for Kindle

Books: RSD in Me! is now available on Amazon and for Kindle

Pain Patient Uses Her Story To Teach And Motivate Patients

What happens when a minor accident changes your life forever, you are receiving unnecessary medical procedures and trying to hold your life together as medical bills pile up with no end in sight? Barby Ingle answers these questions and more in RSD in Me!

RSD in Me! (318pp, $14.50), covers aspects of chronic pain and Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome (RSD/CRPS) including definition, causes, tips on dealing with health-care professionals, caretaker information, emotional aspects of dealing with chronic pain, and tips on coping with the pain.

Author Barby Ingle, wrote this book based on her experiences in dealing with chronic pain and the health-care system after a disabling accident. Barby holds a degree in Social Psychology in 1994 from George Mason University and was head coach at a PAC-10 university and business owner of a successful cheer-leading company until a 2002 car accident.

This book has been over 6 years in the making. It is written with a pain patient’s perspective. This book has already touched the lives of many patients and their families.

Barby now is the Executive Director of the Power of Pain Foundation, A 501(C )(3) charity is donating the proceeds raised with the sale of the book to the foundation to cover patient grants for durable medical equipment.

Contact Info:
Barby Ingle
38556 N. Dave Street
Queen Creek, AZ 85240





2 responses to “Books: RSD in Me! is now available on Amazon and for Kindle

  1. Hi Barby,
    I am so glad you book is finished and available, I know you will do well with it and will help numerous amounts of people both with and without RSD!!
    Proud of ya girl!! We still need to get together about your being on the show, especially now that your book is available. Drop me an email and we will get ya on the schedule asap. =)

    ~God Bless!~
    Coach Marla

    P.S. I must say, I’m hurt that my website isn’t listed on here with the others….**pout pout**.

    • Coach Maria… all you have to do is ask. 🙂

      PS We’ll be happy to post information about your site, show schedules and other items helpful to the RSDS/CRPS community… anytime…

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