Corunna woman seeks help for painful condition

Angela White and her 10-year-old daughter Taylor hope that a treatment at a Florida clinic for Angela’s chronic pain will allow her to live a more normal life. Taylor says she can hardly remember hugging her mom because that kind of contact causes too much pain.

Corunna woman seeks help for painful condition


The Observer

Angela White is in pain.

She sits rigidly in the livingroom of her mom’s house in Corunna where they live with Angela’s 10-year-old daughter, Taylor.

Taylor is careful to sit close to her mom without touching her. The slightest contact can hurt.

White, 27, suffers from an uncommon condition called Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome, or CRPS, which is believed to be a disorder of the central or peripheral nervous system that produces unrelenting pain and burning.

The condition has ruled her life since she was 13 years old. Apart from a two-year remission, White has been sidelined by the pain.

She’s tried a succession of drugs and therapies but none have worked. She can push through the pain long enough to get Taylor off to school in the morning, but spends most of her time in bed.

“Life is passing her by,” says her mother Jackie White. “It’s not what it should be for a young woman.”

But a solution is nearer.

Earlier this year, Angela White was introduced to a young woman from Mooretown who also suffered from CRPS and found a clinic in Florida that relieved her pain.

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The results were so dramatic the Whites asked their own specialist at St. Joseph’s Hospital pain clinic in London about the treatment.

It involves hefty infusions of ketamine, an anesthetic that White already takes orally in small doses. Ketamine infusions have been known to stop CRPS pain for months and even years but are unavailable in Ontario.

On the recommendation of White’s specialist, Dr. Patricia Morley-Forster, the Ontario Ministry of Health approved White’s treatment at The CRPS Treatment Centre and Research Institute in Tampa, Florida.

OHIP will pay the $8,000 price tag for the ketamine but won’t cover travel expenses including hotel and food bills.

The Whites expect to stay in Tampa for 14 days starting Dec. 2 at a cost of approximately $3,000.

But they don’t have the cash to go and are appealing for help. Angela collects disability and her mother works only two days a week.

“Some friends were going to have a benefit but it fell through,” said Jackie White. “Angela says if we don’t have the money, we can’t go, but I want to see her get this.

“Even if she can get a few months of mobility, we’ll take it.”

The Whites are hoping a good Samaritan will assist them.

“As far as we know, there are no service clubs or organizations that help adults in these circumstances,” said Jackie White.

She can be reached by calling 519-402-0876 or by e-mailing

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