Mediums and music help support Sarah

Mediums and music help support Sarah

CLEETHORPES Memorial Hall hosted an afternoon of music and mediums to raise money for the Sarah Brade Appeal.

As reported, Sarah, 30, a former Franklin College student, suffers from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, a rare condition that has caused her severe pain every day for the past 12 years.

She has undergone several operations in this country, including having her bladder removed, and tried drug regimes and complementary therapies, but nothing had brought her relief.

In April, her mum Sue Key, of Waltham, launched an appeal for donations to help pay for a groundbreaking treatment in Mexico, which Sarah believed was her only chance of relieving the crippling pain.

Sarah underwent the coma therapy treatment, which involved inducing her into a coma and injecting her with a high dose of ketamine, on May 14, but it is not yet known if the procedure has been successful.

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However, her family still needs to raise money to cover the cost of the treatment – which was about £23,000 – as well as follow-up assessments, air fares and accommodation. It is estimated the full cost could come to about £40,000.

Since the Grimsby Telegraph highlighted Sarah’s plight in April, around £300 has been donated to the appeal.

However, as more is needed, two of Sue’s friends, Denise Sheard and Dr Val Cowan, organised the fundraising event at the Memorial Hall.

The afternoon featured performances from choir Singing For Pleasure, flute player Keith Duke, and readings by three local mediums Jim Cork, Hazel Abbey and Tony Francis.

Denise, who owns Classic Model Trains And Cine Shop in Cleethorpes, along with her husband Phil, said: “One of the mediums, Jim Cork, is a friend of mine and it just struck me that together he and Val’s partner Keith Duke would make for a lovely afternoon’s entertainment.

“There are lots of people here today who have given their time and we are grateful to them all.”

Dr Cowan said: “Can you imagine living the rest of your life in severe pain? That is what Sarah faced without this treatment.”

Medium Jim Cork, from Grimsby, said: “I have been working as a medium at events like this for local causes for a long time and Sarah’s case pulled at the heartstrings more than most.”

Can you help?

If you would like to support the Sarah Brade Appeal, call Denise on (01472) 697334 or Dr Cowan on (01652) 680523.

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