Students at St. Andrew’s help classmate

Students at St. Andrew’s help classmate
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WILMINGTON ISLAND, GA (WTOC) – Students at St. Andrew’s School on Wilmington Island are doing something very special for their classmate who has battled childhood reflex neurovascular dystrophy or RND for five years.

It’s a very painful condition that requires lots of treatment and that’s why students are raising money for a disease their friend finally beat.

Students at St. Andrew’s organized a game of dodge ball to show support for their classmate Jay Helmreich who had RND.

“RND is a medical problem where the nerves foil to the extremities of the body, they are over active and firing a pain signal to the brain,” said Jay. “Every joint in my body expect my hips were in pain constant aching, and nothing to help it.”

After seeing 30 different doctors, Jay was treated at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

“One of the few or only hospitals in America that treat RND. They do in patient therapy,” said Jay.

After six months of intensive therapy, Jay on longer has the condition, but friends like Jim Kingston still wanted to do something to raise awareness for RND and donate money to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

So they decided to hold a dodge ball tournament.

“We really wanted to do something to benefit the cause,” said Jim. “We really just wanted to help him out.”

And help others like Jay who suffer with the same condition.

“This school is great anything that anyone says about St. Andrew’s is true, this is a family oriented school,” said Beckie Helmreich, Jay’s mother.

Even if the kids get a little aggressive with dodge ball, they are playing for the right reasons and deserve the distinction of being WTOC Hometown Heroes.

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One response to “Students at St. Andrew’s help classmate

  1. my name’s siarra, i’m on my mother’s profile, and i have RND. reading these articles made me cry. if there really is hope out there, i’m gonna cling to it. RND is goin down.Thanks for the uplift.

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