Objective Correlates of CRPS:Utility for Diagnostic Criteria

Objective Correlates of CRPS:Utility for Diagnostic Criteria

Aug 13, 2008 – Aug 15, 2008
Cardiff Hilton Hotel, Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom


The complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is an uncommon, chronic condition that usually occurs secondary to fractures, sprains, and soft tissue injury. CRPS has identifiable signs and symptoms. If diagnoses at an early stage, treatment can successfully treat the syndrome; however, if unrecognized, the symptoms can become disabling.

This 2-day satellite symposium will review the latest scientific research regarding the pathology, diagnosis, and management of CRPS. Join this internationally recognized faculty of experts in an evidence-based discussion of research findings conducted in both human and animal models as well as an analysis of their implications for clinical practice.

Event Profiles

Speakers: Terence J. Coderre, PhD (Department of Anesthesia, McGill University, Montreal, Canada), Peter D. Drummond, PhD (School of Psychology, Murdoch University, Perth, WA, Australia)

Contact Details

Contact person: UNITECH Communications
Event website: http://www.clevelandclinicmeded.com/live/courses/2008/CPRS08/index.asp
Phone: 216-448-0770

See: http://www.goingtomeet.com/conventions/details/33518



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