Doctor takes to his bike to raise awareness

Doctor takes to his bike to raise awareness

Published Tuesday August 5th, 2008

NORTH SYDNEY, N.S. – Dr. David L. Shulman, a chronic pain specialist at Toronto’s Rothbart Pain Clinic, has taken time from his medical practice to cycle 3,650 km (2,268 miles) this summer to raise awareness of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

Last year, Shulman cycled from British Columbia to Marathon, Ont. He left Marathon on July 19, heading for St. John’s, NL, to complete the last leg of his cross-Canada trek and is expected to be in St. John’s on Aug. 8.

He has designated PARC (Promoting Awareness of RSD and CRPS in Canada) and the McGill Centre for Research on Pain as benefactors of his Ride to Conquer CRPS.

Shulman, who treats a number of people with CRPS in his practice, hopes this ride will raise awareness of a disease he describes as “a bit of a mystery” and funds into research for better treatment options.

CRPS is an organic disease caused by nerve damage in the small C fibres of the body.

PARC is a registered charity which advocates for people with CRPS.

According to Shulman, CPRS usually results from trauma, but not always. “It is a severely disabling condition marked by a sharp, burning pain that surpasses almost any other chronic pain condition of its intensity.”

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