May Pain-Blog Carnival

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May Pain-Blog Carnival

May 28th, 2008 · No Comments

I’ll be off on vacation for the next few weeks, so I’m inviting you to relax and enjoy these May Pain-Blog Carnival articles while I’m gone.

Rest Ministries offers…
8 Signs You May Not Need a Support Group For Your Illness
10 Tips to Be Sure Your Illness Support Group Isn’t Depressing

Andrea’s Buzzing About offers… In Which I Am Stiff, which wonders when we’re comparing ourselves to “normal,” it might be better to use a “personal-normal.”

Fighting Fatigue offers…
2 Athletes with CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) Dream of Gold
Blood Pressure Cuff Pain & Fibromyalgia

The Migraine Girl offers…
Tired of Being Tired. “Lately I’ve felt inexplicably sleepy all my waking hours. What could be going on?”
URGENT: A Petition. A proposed law which would require the use of fluorescent lights – one of the most common triggers for migraines – instead of (non-pain-inducing) incandescent bulbs is discussed.

Working with Chronic Illness offers…
Should You Disclose Your Chronic Illness at Work? 3 Things to Consider
Questions With No Answers, which looks at the challenges of having both a chronic illness and a career.

A Chronic Dose offers…
Chronic Pain: Class and Cost Distinctions, which looks at pain and class.
Education, Disrupted, a look at the challenges of chronic illness in the college setting.

CRPS- RSD A Better Life offers…
Mindfulness Meditation Reduces Pain
Reduce Pain through Mindful Meditation

And finally, Psychology of Pain offers… The Pain Gap, a look at the Princeton study which showed those with lower income and less education fair worse with pain.

Thanks to everyone for their submissions!
June’s Pain-Blog Carnival will be Wednesday, June 25

Deadline for submissions: Friday, June 20. Theme: Summer/Vacation
Send in your submissions

Thanks to Mode for the photo.

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