The November Pain-Blog carnival…

The November Pain-Blog carnival is up:

How to Cope with Pain
is now offering a monthly Pain-Blog Carnival during the last week of every month, to include each month’s best posts. November’s carnival is now posted. New bloggers are always welcome to contribute.

Thanks for everyone’s contributions! I’ve added a few new people to this email, and hope you can submit next month.

Next month: Submit your favorite December post by
Monday, December 24 (no theme), and the carnival will be Monday, December 31. I’ll look forward to your submissions again next month.
Happy Holidays to all!




One response to “The November Pain-Blog carnival…

  1. Hi JasonI just posted about a brilliant blog Neurotopian owned by Matthias Weinberger, a German Phisiotherapist. I’m hoping you will post about this blog as Matthias is working with the new science of pain management. He has a grat ability to explain the most difficult stuff in ways w can all understand and his message is very important.Here’s his link NeurotopianThanks heapsjeisea

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