Comic Pain Relief 2007

Comic Pain Relief 2007 is a night of comedy here in Tempe, Arizona on May 30, 2007.

The event is titled Chronic Pain Relief 2007 and will be held at the Tempe Improv. We will also have brochures and other literature on different types of chronic pain including reflex sympathetic dystrophy. They are full of facts, tips, and loads of information on RSD.

We are hosting the event to spread awareness and raise money for RSD. We will have a short introduction and presentation by the Chairman of the Power Of Pain Foundation, Jim Ingle, Sr., with a description and information about the charities involved in this project. Then the show will kick off with Marby Ingle. Marby is a comedian from Washington D.C. and is a family member of an RSD patient as well as a board member for the Power of Pain Foundation.

The headlining comedian will be Jake Johannsen who is has his own show on Comedy Central. In addition, we have many sponsors from around the phoenix area who have donated tickets for patients who want to come, but do not have the funds.

Tickets are $20. Our estimated attendance is 400. I would like to get your help in this project.

First, we plan to have a video montage of, “faces of RSD” to be playing during the pre-event dinner. If you would email me your picture along with your name, state and how long you have had RSD, or if you are a family member of someone with RSD, I will be sure to include it. Please pass on the information about the Comic Pain Relief 2007 event along with my contact info, so that I can get as many pictures as possible.

Second, let people know if you are in the Arizona area you can purchase tickets online at or by calling 480-502-5818. If you want to come to the event and are coming from out of town, I can get you a really discounted price at the Resort Suites of Scottsdale (they are one of our sponsors).

Third, all profits are being donated to the following: The RSDSA, American RSDHope, American Pain Foundation, Arizona Pain Initiative and Power of Pain Foundation. All of these are non-profit organizations that promote awareness and research for chronic pain and RSD. If you are interested in donating, helping, or have any questions, please let me know! My contact info is below.

Please Note: The RSDSA has specifically asked for their portion of the funding to be applied to a PT/OT Training Program. The Power Of Pain Foundation has specifically asked for their portion of the funding to be applied to education and video projects for RSD patients, and health care workers. The Arizona Pain Initiative will use their portion of the money raised to supplement the Power Over Pain Chronic Pain awareness program for the public and professionals that was put together by the American Pain Foundation.

Barby Ingle, Event Coordinator 480-502-5818



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  1. Thanks. I will be emailing my pic and I have posted your link on and my MySpace page.Christine

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