Amy Goodall named Youth Role Model, honored as Real Hero

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Amy Goodall named Youth Role Model, honored as Real Hero

Last Update: Mar 26, 2007 7:46 PM

Posted By: brynn galindo

Posted 3/26/07
BAKERSFIELD – Pop stars seem to be topping the list of American teen idols these days. But there’s one teen who’s taken the top spot in Kern County for drawing attention to a disease that’s so rare, most doctors wrongly diagnose it and order drastic surgeries that were never needed.

Continuing KGET TV-17’s Real Hero profile, 17’s Cat Andersen introduces us to this year’s youth role model.

Crowds of people, dozens of rock bands, and activities galore filled Veteran’s Hall over the weekend for “Rock out to knock out RSD,” a concert that sprang from one 16-year-old’s mission to spread the word about Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy.

“It’s miserable,” said Todd True. “My foot swells up all the time. It freezes, and then it burns. Then it contracts uncontrollably. It’s misery.”

“Basically it’s a malfunction of the nervous system,” said Ashley Goodall, who was honored as this year’s Youth Role Model at the Real Hero Luncheon. “It misfires and tells the brain that part is being amputated or infected.”

For Goodall, that part of her arm and the symptoms that followed caused her doctor to misfire a diagnosis and order emergency surgery.

“I was in the hospital and they were getting ready to amputate my arm because they thought it was infected,” said Goodall.

Her arm was spared, but only because one doctor happened to come across a pamphlet on RSD. He called off the amputation at the literal last minute.

Goodall said she got lucky. But hundreds of others with RSD have not been as fortunate, and that’s why she’s made it her full-time job to get the same information that saved her arm into other people’s hands.

“It was a godsend,” said Ture. “I reached out to Ashley and I’m finding out these other places that she reached out to that I can now reach out to and it’s opening up doors for me and other people like me. It’s tremendous.”

Goodall also started a non-profit organization right out of her home. It’s called Rock Out to Knock Out RSD Inc. She did it to make sure she knew where all the money she raised was going.

Like walkers, wheelchairs, medicine for people that can’t afford it, and awareness of course,” she said.

Goodall hopes she and others with RSD will one day be able to lead normal lives.

In the meantime, she’s paving the way for an extraordinary change.

Goodall will be among those recognized at the American Red Cross Kern chapter Real Heroes recognition luncheon on March 30.

Sponsorship tables and tickets for the event are still available. Tables are $500 and tickets are $35. Tickets may be purchased at the American Red Cross at 239 18th Street from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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