Lindsay’s Hope

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clock Mar 12, 2007 6:00 pm US/Eastern

Lindsay’s Hope

Pat Ciarrocchi

(CBS 3) BOYERTOWN A once vibrant 22-year-old now spends her days and nights in constant pain, unable to eat and unable to walk.

However, through it all she still has a sparkle in her eye with hope possibly on the horizon.

“Pretty much everyday it’s just constant pain,” said Lindsay Spengler.

Lindsay was once a star athlete at her high school but Lindsay has been bedridden since 2002 after being diagnosed with two diseases; Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy or RSD and Porphyria, combined they make her feel like her skin is burning.

“There are times when I look down just thinking it’s literally on fire,” said Lindsay.

RSD can remain dormant for years and is found after an injury and Lindsay’s case was discovered after she broke her thumb.

With RSD, the signal of pain from the nerves to the brain never stops and mixed with the disease Porphyria, which affects oxygen flow to organs, and the pain becomes a burning sensation.

“When she’s moving or someone touches her or there is a breeze, a drop of water, it sends her over the edge, it’s horrifically burning,” said Lindsay’s mother Sharon, adding, “She actually dreams about being on fire.”

Lindsay hasn’t been able to eat or walk for four years and she prays for the day she can do normal activities again.

Her prayers may be answered with word of an experimental treatment in Germany.

“We were pretty much at the end of our rope and I thought what if I have to live like this? That’s not an option,” said Lindsay.

Her family has to raise almost $200,000 for the procedure which will put her in a coma for up to seven days.

“A lot of patients return doing what they used to do so that would be awesome,” said Sharon.

“Wouldn’t it be great if I woke up and it was gone,” added Lindsay.

If you are interested in assisting Lindsay, you can visit New Hope For Lindsay for more information.

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