Pharmaceutical Company buys 2,500 drug-free Mirror Therapy Boxes for UK pain clinics

Pharmaceutical Company buys 2,500 drug-free Mirror Therapy Boxes for UK pain clinics

Reflex Pain Management Ltd
2/12/2007 10:13:56 AM

Manchester, UK – 12, February 2007

NAPP Pharmaceuticals, pioneers of prolonged released drugs for the relief of severe pain have purchased 2,500 Mirror Therapy Boxes for complimentary distribution to pain clinics throughout the UK.

Mirror Therapy Boxes are used in Mirror Visualisation Therapy for the treatment of hand pain, foot pain, phantom limb pain, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). With RSD, CRPS, phantom limb and other Neuropathic pain conditions a visual feedback helps the patient to “move” the affected or amputated limb in the mind and release it from painful positions, satisfying the brain that the limb is actually normal.

Mirror Visualisation Therapy also benefits the rehabilitation of hand, wrist and foot pain following injury, surgery or stroke, improving the motor functions of the affected limb and helping speed up recovery time.

Dr. Ilan Lieberman FRCA, a consultant in pain management and anaesthesia at the University Hospital of South Manchester reports that several of his patients who were unable to move a hand or foot prior to using the Mirror Therapy Box, were able to move their injured limbs after a Mirror Therapy Box session.

The Mirror Therapy Boxes supplied to NAPP are light weight with a robust plastic mirror allowing users to undertake visualisation exercises in the comfort of their home, at the office or in bed.

For further information on Mirror Visualisation Therapy for hand, wrist and foot pain management, RSD, CRPS, stroke injury and limb rehabilitation please visit

Mirror Therapy Boxes can be purchased for £19.99 (approximately $38.00 USD – €30.00) from and worldwide shipping is currently free of charge.

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