Mandrell returns to Ashland City to start 2006

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Louise Mandrell, originally uploaded by rsdscrpsnews.

Mandrell returns to Ashland City to start 2006

Sells theater in Pigeon Forge

By Gary Burton
Times editor

A country music entertainer will be leaving her theater in Pigeon Forge later this month to return home to Ashland City.

And, she said she can’t wait to get back to Ashland City.

“My husband and I can’t think of a better place to call home,” said Louise Mandrell, sister of Barbara Mandrell. “It’s going to feel great to be back.”

Mandrell and her husband, John Haywood, moved to their home on the southern end of Ashland City more than 12 years ago, but she hasn’t spent much time here.

She has been performing several nights a week at her Louise Mandrell Theater in the Smoky Mountains for more than eight years, but that comes to an end on New Years Eve.

She performs her last show that night before returning to Cheatham County.

The theater was sold earlier this year and the new owners allowed her to stay through the end of the year.

“I always tried to get home in Ashland City about once a week,” she said. “But it will be nice to be back home for good.”

She plans on continuing her music career in the Nashville area in some form of entertainment.

One reason for her decision to leave Pigeon Forge was her husband’s health.

“John has (reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome) and I felt I needed to be closer to him more often,” she said.

RSD affects the body’s nervous system. Mandrell said she took her husband to Germany for treatment and that he is improving.

“It’s in remission now,” she said. “But he still suffers from some of the side effects.”

Recent rumors around Ashland City regarding the sale of her Cheatham County home as a site for a proposed Dollywood theme park are just that she said – rumors.

“That’s not going to happen,” she said. “My husband and I have gotten a laugh at all the talk about it, but we are not selling our property for it to become a new Dollywood.”

Many people driving south on Highway 12 toward Nashville notice the Mandrell property because of the large cross on the hill overlooking her home.

“My husband put that cross on the hill as a gift for me,” she said. “It’s helped complete our home.”

Once she returns in January, Mandrell said she looks forward to meeting new local people and seeing old friends as well.

“I love it when people come up to me in stores or just walking down the street,” she said. “If anyone sees me around town, please come up and say hello. I love the Ashland City community.”

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