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[August 29, 2005, 15:32:43]

A paralyzed woman has become the first quadriplegic sailor to cross the English Channel.

Hilary Lister, from Kent, used controls powered by her breath to navigate her boat from England to France yesterday, reaching Calais after six hours and 13 minutes.

The mechanism she uses is similar to one on her wheelchair and has two straws connected to switches to control the sails and steer the vessel.

After arriving in France the 33-year-old said, “I am just thrilled.”

Lister, from Canterbury, has been a quadriplegic for four years, because of a progressive degenerative disease, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, which has worked its way up from her ankles to her neck. She can now move only her head, eyes and mouth and took up sailing two years ago as a way to boost her self-confidence.

By crossing the Channel, Lister set a record for the world’s longest solo sail by a quadriplegic.

For the original story online, please click here: <a href="http://www.azertag.com/en/index.shtml?language=english&amp;
=&themes_page=&themeid=&news_page= /p>


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